Pirates & Violets was born in December 2015 when I decided to paint some French market baskets as gifts for friends. I (of course) couldn't resist posting a photo on Instagram ...and though I daydreamed about turning it into a little business, it seemed utterly pie in the sky. But then, I started getting requests! My first order came in Jan 2016 for the lovely Camilla (I'll never forget!) and her daughters in London. And the rest is history!

All baskets & bags are entirely hand crafted, eco-friendly & ethically created in Morocco, Bali & Thailand. Bespoke decoration is meticulously added by hand in our Leeds-based studio.

Our collection is based on a love of 80/90s slogan tees, weakness for all things French and constant dreams of travel! I am a big believer in 'forever' fashion and hope that these hand personalised treasures will be a favourite for years to come.

Lisa. x

Our Ethics

  • we aim to ensure that the craftsmen & craftswomen that create our bags are paid fairly for their craft.
  • our bags are always crafted from natural and sustainable materials.
  • we source our leather from Spain, where EU animal welfare laws ensure that the skins come from cared-for animals. They are tanned using vegetable dyes only, never chrome (which are cheaper, but at a huge cost to the environment and the health of those working with the slurry of toxic chemicals.)